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 Got banned for no reason, and even got my account deleted?

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PostSubject: Got banned for no reason, and even got my account deleted?   Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:42 pm

Care to explain?
I did hack last time and (GM)Dixon gave me a chance.
Ever since that, I DID NOT HACK ALREADY! And I swear to whatever God that is up there.
Why did "whoever that banned me" ban me!
Now, I DEMAND an explaination for this.
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PostSubject: Re: Got banned for no reason, and even got my account deleted?   Fri Oct 24, 2008 7:22 pm

I'm ban too. but seriously i guessed that the 'particular' GM that banned me is abusing his powers. he talked like a righteous person but he don't practise it at all. a complete retard. He call people uncouth names, scold vulgarities, abused his GM powers(summon everyone to carvinal while My party are fighting zakum) and deny the fact that he is in the wrong and jail us after we retaliate using mild language while he uses colourful languages insulting ppl. and that faggot GM that ban is no one but GARY. Private server should be a fun server suitable for all ages, but that fag made us leave this server. He act as if he is the creator..if the creator is unreasonable, i got no say that is he server. But that imbecile is just a GM, he don't even uphold his responsibility, perhaps this server is way too corrupted coz of him. Other than that i think that the other GMs play nicely, they got my respect. shadowstars..i think GARY is the one who ban you, coz he ban and jail alot of my friends with no valid reason but the fun of it. ps: GARY, you will never get my respect if you continue to act like a kid. grow up child. and perhaps one day you won't be an asshole. bounce
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Got banned for no reason, and even got my account deleted?
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