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 26/07/2008 - Exp & Drop Rate Changes.

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26/07/2008 - Exp & Drop Rate Changes. Empty
PostSubject: 26/07/2008 - Exp & Drop Rate Changes.   26/07/2008 - Exp & Drop Rate Changes. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2008 11:44 am

First, If you are asking Why you are lvling so slow.

Yes,because the EXP RATE has DROP from 250x to 50x.

Now, I'm here to explain why such changes is made.

Firstly, The GM's would Hope everyone could understand what they had done.

Changes that has been made :

1. Every part of HornTail now has Exp.
2. And with the Exp Rate DECREASED, Is not easy to get the EXP bug now.
3. Boss drop rate INCREASED from 10x to 250x.
4. If You Lvled / Reborn To fast. What's the Fun ?
5. With too high EXP RATE, the database Would Crash easily too.

Understandings :

1. Now, So what if the EXP RATE DROP ? Horntail Has lots of EXP on it now,
So we still can train right? just that it would be abit slower.
2. And in Long term, we would get used to it, isn't it?
3. Think about this, If all your friends train in a rapid speed, would they stay?
No, they would be bored, and they would leave the server.
4. The GM's are nice, everyone knows about this.
They didn't drop the Rate on Purpose, its for our own Good, it's to make this server
a Nicer place.

If You are new, and you need help. Check this Thread. =)


Thank You For your understanding.
And Thanks all the GM's that has been trying to make this server, Better and Better.

As everyone says,

Happy Mapling !


It Takes a Mild to Reborn, But a Smile for Friends.
26/07/2008 - Exp & Drop Rate Changes. Squishyinspidarkervg1
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26/07/2008 - Exp & Drop Rate Changes.
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